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What's Happening at the Old Hospital Site on Alpine-Balsam?

Once a bustling site with over 1000 staff caring for hundreds of residents on any given day, the old Boulder Hospital has sat vacant and quiet for years. The City of Boulder purchased the 8.8-acre site in 2015, and deconstruction is finally nearing an end. What took so long, and what is going to be built next?
The short answer for why it has taken so long is that the City moves slowly. It’s annoying, but not ALL bad. For one, nearby residents have enjoyed far less traffic than there once was coming in and out of the site. Another benefit is that there has been a long and thoughtful engagement process that led to the plan that is in place now. Finally, the slow deconstruction has allowed the City to recycle almost 90% of the old building material.
So, what’s next? The site will become a mix of office space and housing (low-density, medium-density, high-density, and mixed-use). Construction will not begin for another year. Below is the layout you can expect once construction does begin. As always, please reach out to me with any questions!

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