Poll: The Future of the Boulder Airport - Keep it or Repurpose it?

The City of Boulder recently initiated a community conversation about the future of the Boulder Municipal Airport. The purpose of this conversation comes directly from the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP 6.23), which says: "At the time of the next Airport Master Plan, the city will work with the community to reassess the potential for developing a portion of the airport for housing and neighborhood-serving uses." Well, that time has come!
I serve on the Community Working Group (CWG) that the city selected to help guide this process, and I need your help! What is your hope for the future of the Boulder Airport? The Airport takes up 179 acres of land, much of which is owned by the city. This means that the city could realistically build 2,500 units of affordable and middle-income workforce housing if the airport were to be shut down (it would be a mixed-use, walkable neighborhood similar to Holiday). That decision comes with downsides, however. The airport provides flight training, recreation and tourist attractions, private plane services, and emergency services via helicopter (emergency services via plane, such as for fire, are provided from surrounding airports). 
Please take the poll below and let me know what your vision is for the future of the Boulder Airport.

What should the city do with the Boulder Airport?
  • Keep the Boulder Airport as it is
  • Shut down the Boulder Airport and build affordable housing
  • Keep part of the land for vertical take-offs and convert the rest to housing
  • Other, please explain below

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