Boulder's Short Term Rental License Rules

In today's video, I go over short-term rental requirements in the City of Boulder. The rules have evolved over the years, so watch this video for the most up-to-date information.
  • Short-term rentals are properties that are rented for 29 days or less at a time.
  • The rental property must be the owner’s principal residence; principal residence is defined as the dwelling unit in which a person resides for more than one-half of the year.
  • The name on the license must be the same as the name on the deed for the property, the owner must be a natural person, trust, or a nonprofit organization.
  • You cannot short-term rent an Accessory Dwelling unit unless you received your short-term rental permit before 2019
  • Short-term rentals must follow the city’s occupancy limits, meaning no more than 5 unrelated people can rent the home (occupancy limits do not apply if guests are related)
  • Once issued, a Short-Term Rental Annual Affidavit and fee must be submitted by the issuance anniversary date to maintain your Short-Term Rental License. If the Annual Affidavit to certify principal residency is not completed, the license will be revoked.

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